REV 973 v. BGI


REV 973 v. BGI We were retained to defend BGI, a transporter of toxic waste materials, after the company was sued along with thousands of others, for allegedly contributing to the contamination of two properties in Compton, California. The Plaintiff, the purchaser of the two properties, alleged that BGI delivered waste materials (primarily used motor oil) to the properties which leaked from storage containers into the ground causing toxic contamination of both sites. BGI denied any liability contending that its delivery of the waste materials to the approved collection sites was completely lawful and consistent with [...]

Green Solar Technologies v. G.H. Inc.


Green Solar Technologies v. G.H. Inc. A homeowner entered into a home improvement contract with Green Solar’s predecessor company to have solar panels installed on the roof of her home. G. H. was hired as a subcontractor to perform the installation. G. H. cautioned the Plaintiff’s owners that the house was unsuitable for solar panels because of its location and the fact that large trees shaded the house. Ignoring G. H.’s recommendation not to install the panels, Plaintiff insisted that G. H. complete the job which it did. The homeowner dissatisfied with the electrical output from the [...]

R.H. v. TASER International, Inc.


R. H. v. TASER International, Inc. We are extremely proud, along with our co-counsel, John Burton, to be the FIRST attorneys in the country to obtain a products liability verdict against TASER Intl., as a result of the wrongful death of R. H. In the case of R. H. v. TASER, Intel., et al., we were able to convince a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California (San Jose) that TASER knew about the potential risks of its Model M26 Electronic Control Device due to prolonged discharges but failed to warn [...]

M.A.M. v. O.B.M. & R.P.


M.A.M. v. O.B.M., Inc. & R.P. In one of the most tragic cases that we have ever worked on, the Williamson Law Firm was retained as co-counsel in an automobile/truck accident case that resulted in the death of a mother and her daughter. On March 16, 2011, R. P. was working as a truck driver for O.B.M., Inc. The weather was clear, sunny and dry. That morning, he drove his company truck to the City of Industry to pick up a load of building materials. After picking up the load, he intended to return to the [...]

L.M. v. Darbo, National RV


L. M. v. Darbo, National RV L. M. was returning home from work on a Friday afternoon when she came to a T-intersection on a rural road in Riverside County. As she slowly entered the intersection, the defendant, driving a 40′ motor home ran his stop sign at about 45 mph broadsiding her vehicle. L. M. suffered numerous fractures and other debilitating injuries. She underwent 7 surgeries and was unable to return to work after the accident. The defendants claimed that L. M. was solely responsible for the accident because she rolled through her stop sign [...]

M. M. v. City of Key West


M. M. v. City of Key West In the early morning hours of April 16, 2011, M. M., was walking home from a birthday party with his fiancé, M. A. While walking south on Duval Street in the City of Key West, M. M. and M. A. encountered two people – Jason Moffet and Beverly Anderson – seated on the front steps of a store called “Flirt”. Both Moffet and Anderson were well-known by the Key West Police as local “flavors” – transients who frequently created disturbances due to their alcohol and drug use. As M. [...]

D.H. v. State of California


D. H. v. State of California On the evening of July 26, 2008, at approximately 7:00 p.m., D. H., a 47-year old divorced father of two teenage girls was riding his motorcycle on State Hwy. 12 approaching the Interstate 5 Freeway interchange in Stockton California. California Highway Patrol Officer Roberto Iniguez spotted D. H.’s motorcycle accelerating at a high rate of speed. Officer Iniguez driving a marked CHP patrol vehicle followed D. H. and eventually decided to affect a traffic stop. However, D. H. continued to accelerate in an apparent attempt to evade Iniguez. Officer Iniguez [...]

A. M. v. County of Ventura


A. M. v. County of Ventura While attending a family wedding, A. M., a former police officer, attempted to take a pistol away from a drunken wedding guest. During the ensuing struggle, the gun discharged. Ventura County Sheriff’s Deputies, who had been called to the scene, surrounded the area. One of the deputies, who had less than 4 months of patrol experience, believed the gun was being pointed in her direction. In fear for her life, she fired her own gun at the wedding guest, striking A. M. instead. The bullet struck A. M.in the back [...]

T.J. v. City of Los Angeles


T. J. v. City of Los Angeles On the evening of October 31, 2013, T. J., a 30-year-old African American male, had gone to the Westfield-Topanga Mall to participate in the Halloween festivities with his girlfriend and their two-year old daughter. When T. J.’s girlfriend realized she had forgotten her purse in their car, she asked him to retrieve it. After T. J. did so and was walking back towards the mall, he was confronted by two LAPD uniformed officers who formed the suspicion that T. J. might have broken into a vehicle and stolen the [...]

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