Our Client Testimonials

My company is involved in environmental services including the transportation and management of numerous hazardous waste streams across western USA from San Diego to Seattle. I was involved in litigation for a federal EPA Super Fund Site in Los Angeles because I had delivered waste at a California state permitted facility back in the early 90’s. My attorney highly suggested that I use the recommended services of an attorney with a knowledgeable background in both federal law and federal practice. I was introduced to Peter M. Williamson of the Williamson Law Firm by another attorney. My dealings over the next few years with Peter were both simple, informative, with no pressure. I wanted to react to this litigation quickly. Peter kept me patient citing his past experiences in these situations. He kept me informed regularly on his investigation, responses, and dealings with the opposition. But mainly, he kept me calm and patient with very sound advice. The litigation ended very positively for me.

– Victor V.

I have been working with Peter Williamson for the past 3 years on several cases, ranging from personal injury to business related civil claims. In this time, Peter has helped me on both the claiming and defending sides. There is no arguing with results. Peter has been able to reach very desirable results in all my cases. By doing so he made sure my personal and financial wellbeing were fully protected. Working with Peter offers a great experience. He is always very responsive, on point and on time, ensuring all deadlines are met. He is very easy to deal with and clearly identifies and understands the stresses involved with legal proceedings. He offers advice and support, well beyond his duty. I would highly recommend working with Peter. He is a very competent lawyer and a great individual to deal with.

– Ari A.

In April 2008 we lost our wonderful, 24-year-old son as a result of an incident involving a TASER. In our efforts to determine what happened that terrible day, we began an in-depth search for attorneys who were familiar with the legal implications involving this device. We found that Peter Williamson was the foremost authority in such matters, and we sought his help, even though he practiced in California and we lived in the Midwest. Peter helped us find the answers we were seeking and stood by us through every phase of this five-year legal proceeding. We found that we were much more than “clients”—he shared our pain and dismay at what had occurred. He kept us updated on every development and answered every question and concern we had with patience and thoroughness. He was diligent in his record keeping and provided a clear and concise accounting of all expenses incurred. He was not intimidated in dealing with a large, well-funded legal team opposing us and his perseverance never wavered.

We were blessed that he chose to represent us, and our family would give him the highest recommendation. Peter Williamson will stand with you and give you the help you need.

– Mary P.

In mid-April of 2011, our son was unjustly critically injured by the Key West Police Department. After many months of looking for help in Key West as to the details of our son’s injuries, it became clear that no one in Florida would take a case against the Key West Police Department. We gave up hope finding out the truth of what happened to our son. Then, the Williamson Law Firm was recommended to us and we made the phone call to his firm. Mr. Williamson not only took the case from California but worked against many opposing forces to get to the truth of the case and won justice for our son. He not only went above and beyond to find the witnesses that the Key West Police Department chose not to interview, but he went out of state and brought them back to Key West for deposition and trial. Not only did Mr. Williamson work tirelessly to get us answers, he became more of a family member than a lawyer.

In our opinion, Mr. Williamson is one of the finest lawyers that we have had the pleasure to meet and work with. I would say, with one-hundred percent confidence, that Peter Williamson represents his clients with the best representation possible and will fight for them with utmost integrity and knowledge.

– Marty & Linda M.