Project Description

Green Solar Technologies v. G.H. Inc.

A homeowner entered into a home improvement contract with Green Solar’s predecessor company to have solar panels installed on the roof of her home. G. H. was hired as a subcontractor to perform the installation. G. H. cautioned the Plaintiff’s owners that the house was unsuitable for solar panels because of its location and the fact that large trees shaded the house. Ignoring G. H.’s recommendation not to install the panels, Plaintiff insisted that G. H. complete the job which it did. The homeowner dissatisfied with the electrical output from the solar system sued Plaintiff for the breach of contract and fraud. Plaintiff reached a financial settlement with the Homeowner and then sued G. H. claiming G. H. had promised to pay one-half of the settlement. G. H. denied ever having made such a promise.

We were retained by G. H. to defend it against the breach of contract and indemnification claims alleged by the Plaintiff. After nearly two years of litigation, the case proceeded to trial. As soon as the Plaintiff completed its presentation of its evidence, we moved the Court to dismiss the case arguing Plaintiff had failed to present enough evidence to support any of its claims. The Court agreed and dismissed the case. G. H. paid nothing to the Plaintiff and was awarded its litigation costs.

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