Project Description

REV 973 v. BGI

We were retained to defend BGI, a transporter of toxic waste materials, after the company was sued along with thousands of others, for allegedly contributing to the contamination of two properties in Compton, California. The Plaintiff, the purchaser of the two properties, alleged that BGI delivered waste materials (primarily used motor oil) to the properties which leaked from storage containers into the ground causing toxic contamination of both sites. BGI denied any liability contending that its delivery of the waste materials to the approved collection sites was completely lawful and consistent with EPA regulations and State and Federal law. Further, BGI claimed that it played no part in the storage of the waste materials and when Plaintiff purchased the two properties, it knew they were contaminated.

Plaintiff demanded that BGI pay nearly $1,000,000.00 in damages as its proportionate contribution to the clean-up costs.   Black Gold refused Plaintiff’s demand.  After nearly four years of complex litigation, the case was dismissed against Black Gold and it paid nothing to the Plaintiff.

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